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Verisana - Your Laboratory for Holistic Health and Diagnostics

An analytical laboratory, approved by the German ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards, offers diagnostic laboratory services to specialists working in medicinal areas, as well as end consumers. 


Offering Professional Services in:

  • - Preventive health care

  • - Minimally invasive laboratory tests

  • - Simple collection of the sample at our clinic

  • - Laboratory tests with an explanation of the  correlating effects of the parameters

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About Us & Our Team

Our Team consists of Fully Qualified Phlebotomist's, Research Scientist  & Registered Homeopaths backed by Professional  labs providing reports by  qualified  medical  practitioners  & advisers.


How We Can Help You !!

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Allergies & Food Intolerance

Children's Race

Children's Health

Doctor and Patient

Health Consultations

Taking blood pressue

Health & Ailments

Natural Medicine

Homoeopathic Consultation


Prevention & Wellness

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How Can Our Tests Help You?

Tests can be performed in different life situations. Irrespective of whether you already have any symptoms, complaints or a genetic tendency within the family, whether you would like to conduct your own health check or if you would like to accompany treatment that has already been initiated – our tests can help.

  • - From our findings you can determine whether your levels are within the reference range. 

  • - Use our tests for a yearly, physical inventory and to control your health condition, as an investment in

  •   your well-being. Through follow-up examinations you

  •   can compare the results to those from the year before

  • - With our tests you can accompany current treatment from your doctor or practitioner.


We cannot create any personal diagnoses, but we can determine whether your values lie within the reference range. In addition, we go into detail about the general effects of the tested parameters. We always recommend the discussion of the mailed results with your doctor or practitioner. Our results are the first hints and tips towards an improvement of your well-being.

Regulation, Not Substitution !

All of our laboratory analyses provide indications and hints with regards to the real root causes for your health-related symptoms.

On this basis, you and your health practitioner can develop a holistic and sustainable therapeutic plan in order to eliminate the true causes of your health problems, instead of merely treating the superficial symptoms.

Improve Your Health !

Compared to traditional medical analyses, our diagnostics are also applicable in case of chronic health symptoms, diseases or pain, as well as for preventive measures.

Do you suffer from chronic distress? Are you not feeling as energetic as a few years ago?

Do you have a stressful schedule that may have led to health conditions?


Our lab analyses are a first step to take back your health into your own hands.



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